At PWAN PLUS, nothing gets in the way of your needs. When you’re looking to buy land in the 5th largest city in Africa, Lagos state, Nigeria, whether residential or commercial, we will always treat you as our top priority. Our PWAN PLUS sales consultants are waiting to provide you with a premium service for buying your dream land – visit our office for site inspection or call us today!

Real Estate Development

Our Real Estate business undertakes the buying, selling, renting or leasing of land or buildings (housing).


Real Estate Marketing

PWAN Plus Provide tailor-made marketing services and dynamic opportunities in Real Estate industry. We always believed that there’s nothing more important than owning a home at zero Cost;


Our Values

H= Honesty.

E= Excellence.

A= Accountability.

R= Respect.

T= Teamwork.


Initial deposit of N150k


Topography: 100% DRY.


EST. Features: 24hrs security, Sport center, Recreation Center, Drainage, interlocked road etc.

By & Build: You can start building as soon as you complete payment.

Demography: Several communities in the neighborhood.

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CRESTVILLE BY CEDARWOOD, Initial deposit of N600k

Why Is “CRESTVILLE By Cedarwood” Different ?

Now let me spell out ten (1O) unique, amazing and outstanding FEATURES that set this Estate apart; And why you should consider investing in this Estate:

1. Topography: 1OO% totally dry land. No need to incur extra cost on sandfilling.

2. Title: Excellent! Excision. The land has Excision as title. Meaning government has no business with the land. It is FREE!

3. Transparency: The Coordinates of the Estate is available for you to carry out search on the Estate at the Land Bureau or Land Ministry at Alausa to check and confirm our claim if the land is truly Excised, has Excision, Free or not!

Plus, the search report showing the land is Excised (i.e. has Excision) is also available for your perusal.

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CedarWood Courts, From N9 million

DESCRIPTION: Cedar Wood Courts is a home far away from home; it is an exclusive estate with first class and modern day facilities. Proximity is superb, accessibility is exceptional. It is already tarred by the government, 24hours security patrol.

LOCATION: Cedar Wood Courts is located in a gated Estate called Hope View Estate, Sangoted Eti-Osa LGA.

LAND MARK: Cedar Wood Courts is surrounded by Gated Estates

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CedarWood City, Epe. From N750,000

LOCATION: it is located along ketu-epe expressway road, oriyanrin village, EREDO, L.G.A, LAGOS state.

LAND MARK:  cedar wood city is opposite the epe resort.

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CedarWood City, Owerri. From N1,500,000

DESCRIPTION: Cedarwood City Owerri is a home far away from home both suitable for residential and commercial use.
LOCATION: Cedarwood City Owerri is located in Ulakwo, Before Sam Mbakwe International Airport
PROXIMITY: Cedarwood City Owerri is just 5 minutes’ drive Before Sam Mbakwe International Airport.
TOPOLOGY: Cedarwood City Owerri is a complete dry land, favorable soil condition and terrain.
DOCUMENT TITLE: Cedarwood City Owerri is completely free from all government acquisition; it has a registered survey and power of attorney.
PLOT SIZE: The plot size is 464sqm.
STARTER PRICE: Cedarwood City Owerri is selling at N3,000,000 on outright purchase (payable within three months)

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CedarWood Boulevard
From N9,000,000

DESCRIPTION: Cedar Wood Boulevard is a home far away from home; it is an exclusive estate with first class and modern day facilities. Proximity is superb, accessibility is exceptional. It is already tarred by the government, 24hours security patrol.

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CedarWood Phase1 Estate
From N2,250,000

DESCRIPTION: Cedar Wood was conceived out of the urgent need to provide a suitable, conducive and affordable site for home seekers and investors alike.

LOCATION: The estate is located within Eluju & Pan African University Eleko environment. The Estate neighborhood is a fast developing axis close to Amen Estate & Pan African University amongst others.

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CedarWood Phase3 Estate
From N2,250,000

DESCRIPTION: Cedar wood phase 3 is situated in orofun village in eleko town before the free trade zone; it’s a property facing the road. Cedar wood phase 3 is just 25 minutes drive after ajah. The neighborhood is surrounded by built houses. We’ve also engaged our engineers to start clearing as well as other projects.

LOCATION: Cedar wood phase 3 is located in orofun eleko town before the lekki free trade zone ibeju lekki.

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