Why Is “CRESTVILLE By Cedarwood” Different ?

Now let me spell out ten (1O) unique, amazing and outstanding FEATURES that set this Estate apart; And why you should consider investing in this Estate:

1. Topography: 1OO% totally dry land. No need to incur extra cost on sandfilling.

2. Title: Excellent! Excision. The land has Excision as title. Meaning government has no business with the land. It is FREE!
3. Transparency: The Coordinates of the Estate is available for you to carry out search on the Estate at the Land Bureau or Land Ministry at Alausa to check and confirm our claim if the land is truly Excised, has Excision, Free or not!

Plus, the search report showing the land is Excised (i.e. has Excision) is also available for your perusal.

4. Location: Superb! It is a trekable (1 – 2 minutes) distance from the Estate to the Expressway- Lekki Epe Expressway.

5. Landmarks: Crestville Estate is surrounded by beautiful and major landmarks such as the Pan Atlantic University, Golf Course, Eleganza Industrial City, Alaaro City, Free Trade Zone, …just to mention a few.

6. Crestville by Cedarwood is already gated and fenced.

7. Ready To Build: It is livable. People living in the neighborhood.

8. Perimeter Survey and Layout of the estate is available as well for your viewing.

9. Allocation:
i. Your Plot Allocation letter will be issued and given to you 24hours after payment is confirmed.
ii. Allocation is based on “1st come, 1st served”. And as you pay, you choose your plot from the layout. Why not pay NOW and have the luxury of picking/choosing your plot where you like, from great options available.
iii. Physical Allocation (i.e. you taking possession of your land) is within seven (7) days. I repeat, 7 days!

1O. Inspection or Site Check: Site Inspection is everyday Monday to Saturday from 1OAM to 12NOON. However, there is a process in place because of the present situation and reality of the country (Covid-19 saga). We are very careful. Your safety as well as our safety is of utmost importance to us.
– social distance in the inspection vehicle.
– you are to come with facemask on.
– temperature will be checked, among other precautions.

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